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Bloom, by Nathalia

Believix Pictures, by Kairi

Bloom from Magic Adventure, by Kairi

Bloom's Sparklix, by Elsie

Happy Friendaversary Gamercatgirl!, by Phoebe

Brandon and Flora Friendaversary Drawing!

Jumbled-Up Pixies, by Selenz

Close Your Eyes, by Phoebe

Sketches, by RoseofDreams

Misc. Fan Art, by Bloomerica

Mural, by Kikurukina

Tecna Belivix, by Phoebe

Roxy's Outfits, by Kikurukina

Flora, by Grace Qute

Coloring Book-Based Bloom, by Grace Qute

Flora, by Kikurukina

Magical Bloom, by Phoebe

Flora, by Grace Qute