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Musa, by Lana

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Attack on Magix!, Chapter 2, by Stars_and_Fire

Chapter 2: The Trix's plan
Bloom was woken by the sound of footsteps approaching. She looked around, taking in her surroundings. This wasn’t Alfea! Then, the events of the past night flooded into her and she remembered suffering a great defeat to the Trix.
Her friends were sleeping, except Stella who was awake.
“Stell...” Bloom began to talk but Stella quickly shushed her.
“Pretend to go back to sleep!” Stella whispered. “We can’t have them coming in here and seeing that we are awake!”
Bloom wanted to ask questions. She wanted to ask Stella who ‘they’ were. She wanted to know where she was. She wanted to know what had happened. But instead of letting the words flow out of her mouth, she lay down and closed her eyes, making a mental note to ask Stella later.

Original Design Outfits, by Teagan

Roxy and Bloom, by Stars_and_Fire

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