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Fan Characters, by Bloomstar

I'm a real-life friend of the artist, so I actually helped to color in the one with the blue dress... She wasn't happy with the way I did the eyes, though, and tried to erase them...

When A Part Is Gone: Chapter 2, Bloomerica

Two Moths Later


The Winx went to class, as usual. Nothing but dead silence as they walked the hallways of Alfea, Suprisingly, Not even Stella was talking. Things have changed alot since the Specialists left. The girls barely talked or went out to the mall, or anything like that. Whenever they talked to each other, the conversation would last only five minutes, and that was it. They also after classes would just go back to their rooms, only getting out if someone knocked. No one had heard any word form the guys. Stella almost went psycho the second week they were gone because Brandon hadn't called her. The other girls just suffered in silence. Although, their school-work had been quite impressive.

--Bloom's P.O.V. (Point Of View)

I sat on my desk, desperately waiting for the last bell to ring. After another five minutes, It did. Gosh, what two months has it been, I haven't been out of this school ever since they left. I need to go out for a walk.
I headed straight for the halls that led outside once the bell rang.

"Where are you going Bloom?" I heard Flora ask me from behind
"Oh, I'm just going to go on a walk around the school grounds," I replied, not tuning back
"Well, Okay, We'll be in out room."
"'Kay, see ya."

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The Secret of Planet Valentine: Chapter 9, by Grace Qute

Sorry for the late update everyone ! as soon as i finished my major exam in October I'll type Fan Fiction everyday !
Roxy doesn’t know Flora before this , so she’s very confuse on whatever Fairygonda and Flora’s talking about .
Fairygonda took the necklace out and show it to Flora , surprisingly Flora have a necklace as same as that one but it was crafted a rose on it . She had it since she was born .
“What can the necklace proof ?”
“I don’t know yet Flora , but I need you to go home to investigate and leave your necklace with me “
When Flora try to took it off , she notice it was stuck .
Roxy on the other hand is tried , so she just lean against the door half-seat , looking at her watch notice it was already 2am . Maybe she’ll just shut her eyes and snooze for a second or two .
After 10 minutes the necklace is still on Flora’s neck , even Fairygonda can’t took it off .
“Maybe this is meant to be” Fairygonda said it as she hand over the other necklace to Flora .
“Huh ?”
“Take this with you , if the necklace wants to be with you we shouldn’t force it to leave you . Do the Winx know about this ?”
“No Miss Fairygonda .”
Fairygonda thought of a second and say
“You should tell one of your bestest friends to accompany you back home “

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