Monday, May 25, 2009

Outfit Design, by Grace Qute

Here are some Winx Club outfits designed by Grace Qute.

"Bloom's outfit theme is sporty. Her two pony tails make her look active and sporty, her top is a tube and has half-visible fabric on it.

Flora's outfit theme is 'Harmony'. her outfit has fur at the end, with heart-shaped patterns on them .

Musa's outfit theme is "Sexy". Her hair curls up like Layla's, and she looks like a crazy dancing diva!

Stella's outfit is casual and not fashionable (at all) because since she's always fashion, fashion, fashion, I thought this time let her to be ... casual

Tecna's hair is longer and her skirt shorter (not at all like Tecna's style) to make her less of a tomboy.

By: Grace Qute

Note to the artist:
Grace, your drawings are lovely, but your image size is too big. It takes forever to upload them!


  1. I also have to note that paper quality is bad. Are you drawing on tracing paper?

    I recommend using manilla paper or printer paper. Also, a blue-lead pencil is recommended because they don't as many eraser marks as they do with a regular pencil.

    If not, draw lightly and if you're one of those people can only write/draw with the length of you hand dragging on the paper like me, put a clean white sheet of paper right under your hand so that the lead doesn't smudge on the drawing.

  2. Hmm... good advice!

  3. no , i use my school paper ... thanks for your advice ya ! >.< : ) i'll change the paper ! >.< <3

  4. oh ... sorry bout the big pictures . i'll make it smaller next time ! >.< : )

  5. Nice I want 2 be a fashiopn deziner soooo as a fashion deshiner I say "Awsome but cant see it that well make more copys than just 1" other than that nice!

  6. By the way, aren't some of the skirts for the girls kind of...inappropriately short?

  7. HMMMMMMMMM OH snap I see, ummm yea Grace qute check out Floras and Musa's

  8. Actually, I was thinking of Tecna and Bloom but I guess Flora and Musa count as well.

  9. Musa's really bugs me, judging skirt length. I'm not knocking the drawings, though. Their beautiful.

  10. sorry bout the skirt thingy .... i wanna it to be Tecna only , but kinda over do it ... haha ... :D
    sorry ya
    wif luv : GraceQute~~

  11. I'm a little on the conservative side of things so don't get mad when you read the following: Grace Qute, imagine realistically for yourself, would you wear such as outfit?

    Anatomical, their 'skirt'-area (or 'reproductive' area) is almost non-existent. I get bothered extreme amounts of skin showing so be a little considerate when you draw. These pieces are almost bording 'upskirt' if you know what I mean.

  12. although the skirt is short but I Think it's beautiful...
    I dun wan too be mean but is just a cartoon common aren't it
    of course in real life no one will wear so short ...
    its just a cartoon .....
    you know.....
    its beautiful....
    i guess...
    ps :I m a gal k....
    dun wan to be mean...

  13. I love Tecna when she is long hair so cute

  14. really good pics. but tecna's skirt (in my opinion) is WAY too short! but i like all of it! :)

  15. That's really good! How did you draw that?