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Older FanArt by Phoebe

Here are some older fanarts that I found... some of my first Winx Club fanart ever! Sorry about the bad photography, I'll take better pictures later :) They are in order of creation, so the first one is the oldest, ect...

This one (above) actually was my first. I drew it at our cottage as a fan character named Fuchsia. I have an in-color version, too, but I couldn't find it. This one was in a box of paper, along with the ones underneath.

I'm very proud of the Layla one, too, seeing as it was my second fanart ever (making it over 2 years old). It's her wedding dress! She doesn't have any arms because I was only designing the dress.

Aww, Bloom and Sky! I don't know when I made this one, but it's far from recent. As you can see, it isn't finished. I'll work on that when I unpack it again. ;)

This is another one of my fan characters, Milly. I might wanna change her name now that there's a real character named Milly...

I did this one for an art project last year. I didn't make this fan character, I found it on Google.

Layla! This is the most recent, but I know it's still kind old since I found it in a box of old papers.... This one is unfinnished, too.