Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brandon and Flora Friendaversary Drawing!, by Phoebe

FRIENDAVERSARY by ~WillowWinx on deviantART

I made this for Ian from Winx Bakugan Pokemon because it's our one-year friendaversary today! Yay! 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Party Petals, Chapter 3, by Kairi

"Okay, girls. WE're ready to land." Timmy said.
"Let's go girls, nothing can stop us now." Cassie said.
The Tulip Troop held each others hands for support and comfort as the walked out in the wet grasses of Domino.
"Ahh, Tulip Troop you have arrived and all by yourself too? What a shame I looked forward to destroying you and the Winx." oregen said.
"Pitty." Cassie said.
"Grace and Natalie get ready to distract them. Renee and Jenna when they're distracted go to the back and do your job, Alex and Sam when Rennee and Jenna trap them make them fall asleep as me and Zoey shrink them and then the Winx take care of them. Okay?" Cassie asked.
"Okay." The troop responded.
"Hey, fatso!" Natalie shouted, hands cupped over her mouth.
"Hmm?" the super fast dude said turning around.
"you guys are a tub of lard. You couldn't stop us if you could!" Grace shouted.
"Now, Renee and Jenna!!" Zoey whispered.
"World Wide Web!" Jenna whispered.
"Ivy vine wrap!" Renee whispered.
Renee's ivy vine wrap hit first locking the wizards in a tight rope. Then Jenna's hit leaving them in a rope inside a green ball.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jumbled-Up Pixies!, by Selenz

Artist's Note: Well I took fairy of literatures idea and used it to make these Pixies can u guess whos who?

*Low-quality image

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Roxy Enchantix, by Jillian

*Low-quality image