Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flora and Fan Characters, by lovebirdgirl86

Here are some fan characters, and Enchantix and Believix pictures of Flora, by lovebirdgirl86. The wing detail is amazing!

By: lovebirdgirl86


  1. the two flora pics has shaymin a pokemon which has been shown in one of the pokemon movies

  2. so? flo likes pokemo!

  3. I'm glad everyone like them. ;)

    Yes believixmusa is right about the shaymin is both flora pictures. I drew shaymin in because both of them are intune with nature and what not, plus I wanted to show their diffrent forms and I'm a pokemon fan as well.

    I hope that cleared any miss understanding

  4. oh and lovebird can I put some of ur work on my blog and yes I do have blog its if u want to check it out

  5. I really like Robin's Believix!

  6. Thank you everyone!
    I'm going to send phoebe more of my artwork.
    Also I have a DA acount: WinxChan23