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The Girl I thought I Was, Chapter 4, Bloomerica

I came home, completely exhausted. I peeked through the living room door. Baltor was there. Deep breathes, Alice, I thought. I hung my jacket up then entered the living room.
"Hi,"I said
"You sure spend a lot of time in the forest these day," he said I tried to think of the best way to confront him.
Then I thought about the saying honesty is the best policy. But I wasn't quite sure how that would work. Instead, I figured I'd tell him where I've been going, and maybe in return, he would tell me things.
"Okay, I'm going to be honest with you, but you've got to swear you'll answer my questions."
"Go ahead," he said, curious.I started babbling, hoping he wouldn't understand "I haven't been going to the forest, I've been going to Magix. I met a guy named Sky and a Girl named Stella and they seem to think I look like a long lost friend of theirs," I said, and then started counting in my head. I thought it would calm me down, but it didn't.
"First of all, you're grounded. For at least a week. Second, I'm not telling you anything."
"What?! What the hell?!" I exclaimed He didn't say anything, he just continued on his own business. I was so mad I felt like I was going to explode. Before I knew it, my hair rose up and so did I. The last thing I saw was a burst of red and orange light, and a dragon like figure.
I woke up on my bed. I didn't see anyone around me, but as soon as I sat down, Baltor was there.
"What happened?" I asked
"You got too mad and lost control of your powers. You ended up fainting," he said.
I hated that annoying calm voice he used. Like nothing was ever wrong or even happening.I then remembered the subject of last night's fight. I wasn't going to give up now; I had to try another approach.
"What if I told you I knew?" I asked him He looked at me, his eyes alert.
"Know what?" He asked in suspicion
I told him about everything I knew. I told him I knew that he was once a prisoner in the Omega dimension, and was one of Bloom Sparx's past enemies.
"Well, it's all true. That's all you're getting. Any questions? Because I'm willing to answer reasonable ones right now," he said
"Well, am I connected to Bloom in any way at all?" I asked ever so wondering He thought about a good answer for about a minute, and then finally spoke "Yes, but I'll leave you to figure out that connection yourself." Then he muttered under his breath "If you can."
"Okay, well, I'm far too tired to ask anymore, you can leave now," I said. If I had the strength, I would've fired questions at him
"Remember, you're grounded," was the last thing he said before he was out of my room.
I kicked a pillow out of my bed, frustrated. I was now grounded and the only answer I got was that I was connected to Bloom Sparx. I sighed, and then thought of an idea, which required pure trusting. I knew I could trust him; so I grabbed my phone and pressed speed dial three.
"Sky, I need your help."
"Hey Alice, What do you need?"
"You have to trust me. Bring you lava bike to the forest where your friend Brandon patrols. I'll meet you there," I said
"Wait, Is something wrong?" He asked
"I'll explain if you pick me up."
He was silent for a minute. Then spoke again,
"Fine. I'll meet you there in about ten minutes."
"Thank you so much!"
I snapped my phone shot and threw it on my desk. Now, if I could just get the decoy spell right, this plan would be full proof. I grabbed the spell book and searched for the page that had the duplication spell. Finally, after all that flipping, I found it. I then waved my hand around myself and muttered "I have made my mind, I m sneaking out, Make a duplicate of myself to complete my whereabouts."
Then, a duplicate dummy of myself appeared on my bed. I raised my blanket up to the dummy's chin. Hopefully, Baltor wouldn't notice. I then teleported to the forest.I sat under the huge tree, on my rock. I tapped my fingers on the rock impatiently. Finally, he came. He took of his helmet, shaking his hair. Then, he went to sit next to me.
"So, what's wrong?" He asked
I explained to him what happened. I told him everything. I told him who my father was and I told him what happened last night. I was crying by the time I was done. I hugged him and buried my weeping face on his chest.
"It's okay," he said on his attempt to cal m me down.
"I need to find out who I am, Sky," I cried
"And I'll help you, every step of the way."
I let him go then sat facing him again.
"I just..I wish I knew. There's no record of my existence anywhere. It's like nobody has ever heard of me. Then, I found out about Bloom, at it was like getting to know myself better. And when my powers accidentally burst last night, there was some sort of dragon."
"Wait, did you say dragon?" he asked
"Yeah," I said
"Do you think you can show me what you can do, I mean, with your powers?" he asked
"I'll try my best," I answered.
Then I closed my eyes, held my palms in front of me, closed my eyes and concentrated. I tried to connect with the Winx inside of me. The, my hands felt hot. Burning, even. I heard something loud, and then opened my eyes again. The tree in front of me fell down. Wow, I wasn't expecting that much.
"Wow," was all Sky said
"How.....?" I asked
"I don't know, looks like you know more about your powers than you thought," he said
"I..I.. this is so impossible. There's no way I could've done that."
"Well, you did. And I saw it with my very own eyes."
"I need help," was all I could say
"That's why I'm here," he replied
Later, we decided to go to the library. I was sort of hoping to find something there, something that would connect to me somehow. I looked through the many shelves of books, stopping to look over one every now and then. When I couldn't find anything, I decided to give the magical book searcher a try. I stood behind the pedestal and said "Alice Peters."
Nothing. Well, I guess I wasn't really expecting to find much, so I tried saying other things.
"Baltor's Family?" I asked, but nothing
"Baltor's Life?"
"The Peters Family History?"
"Baltor's Adventure??!"
Ugh! I was getting pissed now. I was so mad; I cried "Oh will you just give me a book about Bloom's whole life then??!!"
Finally, A book landed on the pedestal. It was brown with a golden border and a gold lock, though it was open. Before opening the book, I looked at it more closely. Then, I called Sky to come to check it out.
"Yeah?" he asked "Look at this book," I told him He looked at the book then smiled.
"Oh, I know what this book is. I wonder how it has ever got here? Anyways, open it."
So I did. I peeked inside then sighed.
"I don't know what it says, I can't read it."
"Just wait," he said Suddenly, the words disappeared into little golden shimmers and came a ghost like figure.
"Hello. I am Lord Bartelby, keeper of the Sparx's royal book. How may I help you?"
"Hi. My name is Alice and I need to find out about Bloom Sparx'
"Then please join me in telepathy as we go through the many adventures the princess has encountered," he said, offering me his hand.
I took it and before I knew it, I was at what seemed to be the battle between Bloom and the monster Baltor.
"I'm sure you have already heard about The Trix and Lord Darkar?" he asked
I nodded.
"Good. Then we will start where you have left off. We are now in the scene of Bloom's final battle with Baltor. Bloom released her inner Dragon Fire, letting it find Baltor's. In the end, she won and Baltor lost."
Lord Bartelby showed me a lot more things. He showed me the time Bloom first me the Wizards Of The Black Circle, He told me about the times the Winx had to fight with fairies who seeked revenge. He also showed me the time the Winx suffered a great loss. When Nabu passed away.
In the end, he told me about the future.
"Dear Alice, Princess Bloom is not dead."
"She..She's not?" I asked, shocked
"No, I m certainly aware she is not. Something has happened to her, but you must find that out, for the forces inside this book forbids me to tell you."
"So, what if I do find her?" I asked
"If you find her, then things will turn for the better,Remember this Alice, Bloom will always be inside your heart" he said, then he was gone.
Suddenly, I was back at the old library. Tears filled my eyes. I walked over to Sky, who asked, "What happened?"
"Sky, she's alive," I said
"Who's alive?" He asked me
"Sky, Bartelby told me Bloom is still alive.
Then, Sky's eyes filled with tears, too.

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Winx-Fairies Pics, by Ian

Roxy's Dreams, Chapter 2, by believixMusa

              Roxy's Dreams                
                                       Chapter 2:The Ancestral Witches
"Wake up Roxy............WAKE UP!"said Roxy's dad,Klaus."What!?Oh..sorry dad....I just had the worst dream,In my drea-"said Roxy without finishing."Roxy you can tell me later.Just because you have magic and all that doesn't mean you shouldn't go to work!"said Klaus.Before Roxy could say another word,Her mother Morgana walked in her room." a little more gentle to our Roxy.Lets let her finish her story about her dream."said Morgana."Fine"said Klaus in a childish tone."Thanks mom.Ok as I was saying....In my dream I was in a place that was all dark and creepy,then I heard some voices that sounded evil the-"said Roxy without finishing again."Wait..Roxy what do you mean 'evil',did the voices say something evil or did something evil?"said Morgana."Umm.....well they said that they destroyed Sparx.Wait....isn't Bloom from Sparx?"said Roxy."Hmmm....We should go to Bloom to see if she might know anything.Oh and I think Klaus will cover for you while you get a day off from work."said Morgana who started to giggle.
In the Love & Pet Shop
"Roxy?Morgana?"said Bloom."Bloom!!!Who destroyed your planet??!!!"asked Roxy."Um........The Ancestral Witches...."said Bloom who probably didnt want to answer that question."The ancestral witches are the most evilest beings in Magix.There also very powerful..."said Bloom."Oh no.....Roxy what else was in your dream?"said Morgana.Morgana and Bloom was looking for Roxy who had gone somewhere...but where?"No......I think the ancestral witches have Roxy!!!!!"said Bloom.Bloom called the winx to help her find Roxy.It was up to Bloom,Morgana,Musa,Tecna,Stella,Layla and Flora to find Roxy.

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Roxy, by Phoebe

It's kind of a work-in-progress (I'm adding to it). It looks much better in real-life :D

Roxy's Destiny by ~WillowWinx on deviantART

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Fan Lyrics: Season 4 Opening, by Layla n Amentia

Winx! Believix!
Winx! Always with you!
You are one of us because we are best friends
Winx, now we are together for the power of winx
Because the magic is within us!

Every day, you are here
Inside a dear enchanted world
Just with you, our power is more!
And remember, the more you need you always get
Brand new power of the Winx Club!

Winx! Believix!
Winx! Always with you!
You are one of us because we are best friends
Winx, now we are together for the power of winx
Because the magic is within us!

Winx! Let’s go and believe!
Just believe in you!
Believix is for us because you discover magic
Fly and you will believe in the magic of Winx.
It’s a magical universe, a magic universe for, WINX!

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