Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roxy Graffiti Project, by Kikurukina

Here's Kikurukina's Roxy pic!
"So yeah, that's what happened to my Roxy picture. I've now suddenly decided to incorporate her into my school's bathroom graffiti project. By the way, I'm not a real graffiti artist and I'm trying to deviate away from the street graffiti-theme that seems to be going around in the project (primarily featuring skulls, spiders, robots, etc.).

I'll take a picture of the wall if this drawing does get approved and comes to fruition. I plan to expand on the surfing and beach theme. This is just a concept of what I want. Imagine extremely variant rainbow of pinks, yellows, oranges and blues... ^_^;;

May 27: It has been given the green light! I just painted the white primer for the board it's going to be on today. By the way, I intend for this to be in the girl's bathroom. Tomorrow, I think I'll retroproject the image onto the board to start the outlines."


  1. cool ! your drwing is always pretty >.< : )

  2. It's occurred to me now that it might slightly strange seeing Roxy everytime I go to the bathroom now... -.-;;

  3. I hope you send me lots of pictures of the finished project!

  4. I think that this is great! But why is your school letting you put graffiti in the bathroom? Is it a project?

  5. Avid Avatar Person who actually had a dream about avatar (Layla n Amentia) who loves the movie AvatarMay 1, 2010 at 5:07 AM

    Roxy's watching you pee...

    Ok, just creeped myself out for, like 10 days.