Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Older FanArt by Phoebe

Here are some older fanarts that I found... some of my first Winx Club fanart ever! Sorry about the bad photography, I'll take better pictures later :) They are in order of creation, so the first one is the oldest, ect...

This one (above) actually was my first. I drew it at our cottage as a fan character named Fuchsia. I have an in-color version, too, but I couldn't find it. This one was in a box of paper, along with the ones underneath.

I'm very proud of the Layla one, too, seeing as it was my second fanart ever (making it over 2 years old). It's her wedding dress! She doesn't have any arms because I was only designing the dress.

Aww, Bloom and Sky! I don't know when I made this one, but it's far from recent. As you can see, it isn't finished. I'll work on that when I unpack it again. ;)

This is another one of my fan characters, Milly. I might wanna change her name now that there's a real character named Milly...

I did this one for an art project last year. I didn't make this fan character, I found it on Google.

Layla! This is the most recent, but I know it's still kind old since I found it in a box of old papers.... This one is unfinnished, too.


  1. Oh yea I was about to say I knew I saw that atr drawing, the one u found on google, bcuz it said it was Musa and Rivens daughter, hehehehe, = )

  2. Yeah, I did it for an art project on fairies. :)

  3. i luv Layla's wedding dress! its gorgeous. so are the other pictures

  4. You're an amazing artist! I would never be able to draw like that!

  5. these pictures are super cool your drawing is sooooooooooooo beautiful.

  6. I used to draw the winx. Your Layla drawing kinda looked like the way I drew the winx before. Nice drawings.:)

  7. i like the winx club and i'm good at drawing them... but u r soooo much better... i like to make comics of the winx club... how i wish things would go... i've made a lot of them... anyway, u did good! :D

  8. Thanks! Would you send in the comics you drew? I'd love to post them!

  9. Thanks! And I can't watch the videos either. It's blocked in Canada too. :(

  10. i have a question. Is bloom arguing with sky in season 4 because i saw your picture of them and it shattered my heart. I NEED AN ITALIAN TO TELL ME WHAT THEY SAY IN SEASON 4, OMFG

  11. I love your drawings,
    their very beautiful.
    I think that every one has a problem whit season 4 its only in italian and the first parts youcan choose between dutch and italian.

    p.s. don'react at me because of my name its bloom for real

  12. Thanks Bloom! xD Awesome name, BTW!

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