Sunday, September 20, 2009

When A Part Is Gone: Chapter 2, Bloomerica

Two Moths Later


The Winx went to class, as usual. Nothing but dead silence as they walked the hallways of Alfea, Suprisingly, Not even Stella was talking. Things have changed alot since the Specialists left. The girls barely talked or went out to the mall, or anything like that. Whenever they talked to each other, the conversation would last only five minutes, and that was it. They also after classes would just go back to their rooms, only getting out if someone knocked. No one had heard any word form the guys. Stella almost went psycho the second week they were gone because Brandon hadn't called her. The other girls just suffered in silence. Although, their school-work had been quite impressive.

--Bloom's P.O.V. (Point Of View)

I sat on my desk, desperately waiting for the last bell to ring. After another five minutes, It did. Gosh, what two months has it been, I haven't been out of this school ever since they left. I need to go out for a walk.
I headed straight for the halls that led outside once the bell rang.

"Where are you going Bloom?" I heard Flora ask me from behind
"Oh, I'm just going to go on a walk around the school grounds," I replied, not tuning back
"Well, Okay, We'll be in out room."
"'Kay, see ya."

I continued walking, When I reached outside, Griselda caught up with me and asked me where I was going.

"I'm just going to go for a short walk around the grounds."
"Well thank goodness you're finally going somewhere out, Well, be sure to be back by eight-o'clock sharp,"she said

I kept on walking. After a few paces, I was finally outside. I found a nice tree with a big shade and sat under it. I gave a sigh. I wanted him back so badly, I could have almost killed myself. I closed my eyes. Oh, Sky, Why'd you have to leave? Why now? I thought. I wanted to see him, to hear his voice and to feel someone love me again. I wanted my life back, but he had taken it with him. After all that deep thought, It was dark. It was silent, I had fallen asleep.

--Normal P.O.V.

"Okay Boys,Today, I want Brandon and Sky to patrol the north and the south,"Codatorta pointed on a map as Sky and Brandon nodded.
"Riven and Nabu, I want you two to go on the east side."
"And Timmy and Helia, You will take the west."

They all got on their lava-bikes and rode off to their stations.


"This mission sure is like no-other,"said Brandon while yawning. It had been an hour since they were at this station.
"How so?" asked Sky
"Well, Dude, think about it. It's for six months, The girls aren't with us, and I got some sort of feeling this won't end pretty."
"Good point, but try to stay on the positive side, If you can find one."

Sky took out a walkie-talkie and pressed on the side.

"North station is clear, Eraklionites are headin for the south side, over." He said, (Eraklionites were his and Brandon's code-name)
"Roger." It was Timmy. Codatorta asked them to stay in touch very closely, So they had to report where they were and where they were going. Just as Sky and Brandon got on their lava-bikes, Blood shot eyes were coming from the dark, but they had already rode off, not even noticing them.


Bloom woke up under the big tree. She just noticed she had fallen asleep. Right at that moment, she wondered what time it was. Unfortunately, She didn't have a watch, So she reached into her pocket and grabbed her cellphone. 7:55pm , Damn! She thought. I gotta get back before Griselda activates the barrier! Immediately, She got up and started walking through the garden. Thank God the building was only 3 minutes away.

When she approached the doors, Griselda was there. She asked her where she had been.

"I'm sorry Griselda, I fell asleep under one of the trees and lost track of time."
"Well, be sure that it doesn't happen again," said Griselda, and she sent Bloom to her dorm

Bloom was too tired to walk all the way to her dorm, so once she got inside and out of Griselda's sight, she used a teleportation spell to get to her room.

"OmiGod!" Flora screamed when Bloom popped in their room
"Relax Flo, It's just me," Bloom calmed her nature friend down while dusting of her shirt
"Where have you been?" Flora asked
"Fell asleep under one of the trees in the garden."
"Oh well okay, By the was, Stella was looking for you.."

Ohh!!!!! Why was Stella looking for Bloom? What are those mysterious blood-shot eyes on the Specialist's side of the story? Find out on the Next Chapter!!!!!!!!



  1. Stick to one POV. It does not make a good form of narrative if you jump from view to view.

  2. It's still awesome, though, Bloomerica!!