Monday, September 14, 2009

The Secret of Planet Valentine: Chapter 9, by Grace Qute

Sorry for the late update everyone ! as soon as i finished my major exam in October I'll type Fan Fiction everyday !
Roxy doesn’t know Flora before this , so she’s very confuse on whatever Fairygonda and Flora’s talking about .
Fairygonda took the necklace out and show it to Flora , surprisingly Flora have a necklace as same as that one but it was crafted a rose on it . She had it since she was born .
“What can the necklace proof ?”
“I don’t know yet Flora , but I need you to go home to investigate and leave your necklace with me “
When Flora try to took it off , she notice it was stuck .
Roxy on the other hand is tried , so she just lean against the door half-seat , looking at her watch notice it was already 2am . Maybe she’ll just shut her eyes and snooze for a second or two .
After 10 minutes the necklace is still on Flora’s neck , even Fairygonda can’t took it off .
“Maybe this is meant to be” Fairygonda said it as she hand over the other necklace to Flora .
“Huh ?”
“Take this with you , if the necklace wants to be with you we shouldn’t force it to leave you . Do the Winx know about this ?”
“No Miss Fairygonda .”
Fairygonda thought of a second and say
“You should tell one of your bestest friends to accompany you back home “

“but who should I tell ?”
“When the time comes you’ll know , just like the piexies , everyone have a bonded one , even friends “
When Fairygonda opens the door out come Roxy , falled on the floor . Flora thought to herself , I guess my time have come .
The very next day , Bloom woke up and notice her roommate is gone , heard someone is ringing the door bell and go check it out . It’s Flora , with Roxy behind her .
“She’ll be staying with us if you girls don’t mind .”
“Not at all , and where have you been ?”Bloom look at Flora with anger .
“Sorry sweetie , I got some issues “
“ Well , guess what ? Me too !” Stella grinned
Stella looks very good, and in this time of day she’s still snoozing in her bed . Layla walk out of her room looked annoyed .
“Opps ! gotta go ! I’m inviting you all to a hi-tea in this place at 3 !“ Stella hand over a map to Bloom as she walk out of the door .
Everyone woke up because of Stella’s voice . Flora just remembered she forgot to tell Stella , since everyone got a roommate ,Roxy is staying in her room , but since she’s out , guess she have to tell Stella later .
Flora bring Roxy into Stella’s room .
“There ! this is your room from now on , and Stella is your roommate. Roxy , can I ask you a favor ?”
“No need a favor , your secret’s save with me, and it’s my honour to accompany you to Linphea”
Flora smiled , she knows that Roxy is going to be one of her best friends , and maybe even join the Winx .
To be continued ~~


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