Friday, August 6, 2010

Party Petals, Chapter 3, by Kairi

"Okay, girls. WE're ready to land." Timmy said.
"Let's go girls, nothing can stop us now." Cassie said.
The Tulip Troop held each others hands for support and comfort as the walked out in the wet grasses of Domino.
"Ahh, Tulip Troop you have arrived and all by yourself too? What a shame I looked forward to destroying you and the Winx." oregen said.
"Pitty." Cassie said.
"Grace and Natalie get ready to distract them. Renee and Jenna when they're distracted go to the back and do your job, Alex and Sam when Rennee and Jenna trap them make them fall asleep as me and Zoey shrink them and then the Winx take care of them. Okay?" Cassie asked.
"Okay." The troop responded.
"Hey, fatso!" Natalie shouted, hands cupped over her mouth.
"Hmm?" the super fast dude said turning around.
"you guys are a tub of lard. You couldn't stop us if you could!" Grace shouted.
"Now, Renee and Jenna!!" Zoey whispered.
"World Wide Web!" Jenna whispered.
"Ivy vine wrap!" Renee whispered.
Renee's ivy vine wrap hit first locking the wizards in a tight rope. Then Jenna's hit leaving them in a rope inside a green ball.

"Shrinkus!" Grace and Zoey shouted moving from their hiding place.
"Sleepus!" Alex and Sam shouted, right nehind Cassie & Zoey.
The last 2 wizards were shrinking and snoring fast.
"Good job, girls!" Bloom said.
"WinX Believix!" The WinX shouted.
"Now, to make sure you don't ever come back- everyone convergence!" Stella shouted.
"Convergence!" the Troop shouted.
"Convergence!" The WinX shouted.
Convergenge hit the wizards leaving nothing but moondust behind. 
"Yeah! We did it!" The tulip troop said hugging each other.
"Good job, girls!" Stella replied, smiling.
"Girls?I have a favor to ask. Can you combine your fairy dust to save Riven?" Musa asked.
"Sure, mom. I want him back too." Natalie answered, going to hug her mom.
"Me too." Zoey said.
"me three." Sam replied.
"We all do, Musa. We miss him." Aisha said hand on Musa;s shoulder.
"Th-thanks, everyone. You're the best." Musa said, crying.
"Here's Riven." Stella said, coming from nowhere carrying Riven.
"Fairy dust!!!" The Tulip troop shouted.
As you know a blinding light occured and then-
"Wh-what happened?" Riven asked.
"Oh, Riven!!" Musa cried, hugging Riven.
"Riven's back!" Stella shouted.
"Woop!!" Everyone cheered and clapped and passed out hugs.
"Dad, you're back." Natalie said, crying.
"Yeah, i'm back. ^ ^" Riven said, smiling.
"Well it's our last day at Alfea." Zoey said.
"and, we're guardin fairied!" Natalie shouted.
"Hey, T Troop get over here so you be in the year book!" Justin shouted.
"Justin!!" Cassie shouted.
Hugs were passed around to the tulip troops boyfriends and they they got together to get their pictures in the yearbooks.
"Everybody say cheese!" Timmy shouted.
"Cheese!" Everybody shouted.
The End.


  1. Sweet and Sour Forever who will be gone for to 2 weeks and can't comment cause she'll be on vacation.August 6, 2010 at 6:40 PM

    Thank you I've been waiting for it a long time.

  2. great riven's back !
    are u writing any more stories , kairi ?
    u ARE a GREAT author ...

    btw i taught u took part in the fan character contest .

  3. @ Sweet and Sour Forever ur welcome. ^ ^
    @ brina yeah i took part in the fan character contest im not one of the finalist. I have more fanfics on my deviantart. They're in my gallery although most of them are KH related...
    Kairi (Shiki Misaki)

  4. the other fanfics of yours on your deviantart
    (sorry for asking so many question):)

  5. Nope. On the forum I got told off because of it. So no. You can read them there. Here's my fanfic link. Some of them may b in my gallery, though.