Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Undiscovered Winx, Chapter 3, by GrayPrincess

The lessons were pretty blank, really. I couldn't really do much since I hadn't transformed into a fairy form. All I could do was do simple spells. The thing in class I was interested in were the transformations you could receive. "There are four basic forms," Bloom said. She and her five friends wanted to be called by their first names - Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. "There is Magic Winx, which you will all receive when you transform into your transformation." "It can be hard to transform for the first time, so don't worry if you don't transform right away," said Flora. "Anyway, another transformation is Charmix," Layla said. "You recieve it when you connect to your inner self."

"The last necessary transformation is Enchantix," said Flora. "You recieve it when you save someone's life from your own realm." "And the clothes are ooh-la-la stylish!" shouted Stella. Musa described the last transformation. "The last transformation is optional. It's called Believix. You recieve that transformation by making someone from Earth believe in magic, and with the new transformation, you will have 3 sets of wings and the power to make even MORE people believe in magic. Once you have Believix you can get two more small transformations - Sophix and Lovix. Then you will get the power to bring someone back to life." A tear ran down Layla's cheek. My magic must of been really strong, because I could hear what she was saying in her head. Stupid Wizards of the Black Circle! I could of used that power to bring Nabu back to life, but you used it on a small flower! Now my boyfriend - make that a to-be husband - is dead! I will get you someday, you here me!
I do. I heard everything. So I replied back.
Who are you? she asked.
Me - Mellie! One of your new students. For some reason, I can hear what you are saying in your head. I'm sorry if that was a little rude.
No it wasn't, Mellie. In fact you and your friends might be just what we need - to save the world. Meet me and the Winx after class, Ok?
After class, Rose, Katie and I went to see the Winx.
"What do you mean we can save the world? We're 11!" I asked.
"You know that girl that appeared in your class, right?" Bloom asked.
"Yeah, Sylvianna. She's a big jerk." Katie said.
"Yeah, she is much stronger than the Trix, Lord Darkar, Baltor or the Wizards of the Black Circle combined," Bloom said. "In case you don't know who they are, they are our enemies."
"Why can't you guys fight her, then? You are Believix fairies, and you have pretty much beaten each and every one of those enemies," Rose asked. Well, make that yelled.
"Because - only three certain fairies can actually effect her - and they are you, Mellie - fairy of animals. Katie - fairy of archery. And Rose - fairy of the Olympics," Tecna explained. "In fact, how about you try to transform?"
"How do we do that?" we all asked together. "Just try to find your inner fairy - or as we like to call it - your inner Winx," said Stella. I was surprised that she didn't say anything about fashion.
I tried to think of being powerful, having confidence, and beating Sylvianna. Apparently that was what my friends were thinking of.
Lights started covering the room. "WHOA!" all of us - including the Winx - said.
The rest was sort of a blur. All I remember was that new clothes were forming on us, and I felt something start to flutter on my back. Then I saw everybody. I was wearing a pink shirt with no sleeves or straps and a mini skirt. I also had on what looked like platform shoes with strings going up my legs like a ballerina's shoe. I also had light green wings. Rose was wearing a light blue top with only one strap on it. She also had a skirt with what looked like a wrap around it. She had light blue boots on and almost clear wings. Last but not least, Katie had a purple frilly skirt on with short, purple leggings under it. She wore a purple shirt that was attached by being wrapped around her neck. She had purple ankle boots and blue wings that were outlined with gold.
"Good, you transformed!" exclaimed Bloom. "And you look so stylish!" added Stella. I had to see that coming. "I think we should give them extra lessons since they have to fight Sylvianna," suggested Flora. "They still don't know much."
"Yeah, I can't even fly an inch off of the ground!" I said. I tried moving my wings but nothing worked.
"It takes practice don't worry," Stella said. "The first time I tried to fly I fell flat on my face." My friends and I were trying to hide a giggle.

Don't worry, I will try to remember to finish the story!


  1. woah ! they transform . please write more.... i wanna see how they defeat her .

  2. By any chance do any of you know when they will release season 4 in England? I know they have done some of the episodes in the English language, please please reply.

  3. By the way I did the last comment, forgot to say the story is really cool!

  4. Wow!! You have awesome powers of literature!!! I wish I could write that good! Maybe you should change your powers from the powers of Animals to the power of Wrting!!! You could be able to write on people and then erase them!! But other then that, the story was fenominal. Thank you for posting it up for all us Winx Club fans to reade and enjoy.