Saturday, January 16, 2010

Attack on Magix!, Chapter 2, by Stars_and_Fire

Chapter 2: The Trix's plan
Bloom was woken by the sound of footsteps approaching. She looked around, taking in her surroundings. This wasn’t Alfea! Then, the events of the past night flooded into her and she remembered suffering a great defeat to the Trix.
Her friends were sleeping, except Stella who was awake.
“Stell...” Bloom began to talk but Stella quickly shushed her.
“Pretend to go back to sleep!” Stella whispered. “We can’t have them coming in here and seeing that we are awake!”
Bloom wanted to ask questions. She wanted to ask Stella who ‘they’ were. She wanted to know where she was. She wanted to know what had happened. But instead of letting the words flow out of her mouth, she lay down and closed her eyes, making a mental note to ask Stella later.

Seconds later, the sound of a key turning in a lock echoed through the cell. Stella realized that Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla and Roxy were awakening so she quickly used telepathy to tell them to keep ‘sleeping’. The door creaked open.
“Look at those pathetic Winx fairies!” The ice-cold voice of Icy was heard. “Weak! Helpless! Well I’d expect so!”
“They suffered a terrible defeat against us yesterday!” This time the lighting-sharp voice of Stormy was heard in the cell. 
“And now they are our prisoners!” Darcy’s deep, dark voice was talking now.
“Yeah, but what are we going to do?!” Stormy said. “I mean, how taking them prisoner benefits us in any way?”
“Stormy, do you know nothing!?” Icy exclaimed. “By taking them prisoner, Magix has no guardians! We’ve also taken Saladin, Contotorda, Griffin, Faragonda, Mariam and Oritel prisoner, as well as those annoying specialists! It’s time to stage our takeover!”
The three witches left the cell, cackling as they went.

“Okay, you guys can get up now,” Stella said. “They are gone!”
Stella watched as her friends struggled to rise.
“W-w-where are we?” Flora asked.
“I don’t know,” Stella said. “All I know is that we’ve been the Trix!”
“Hey, look different!” Layla exclaimed.
Stella looked down at herself. This definitely was NOT her Enchantix! In fact, this seemed like her...
“Believix,” she gasped. She looked at her friends. All of them were in Believix, except Roxy. “We must be on Earth! We can only transform into Believix on Earth!”
“So we are on Earth?” Musa asked.
Roxy nodded.
“I’m receiving animal energy vibes that can only come from species on Earth.”
Suddenly Roxy gasped.
“Artu! Where’s Artu?!”
“I’m here Roxy,” came a deep voice in the corner. The brown dog appeared, and ran to Roxy’s side. “I followed the Trix here, so I know exactly where we are!”
“Where are we Artu, tell us please!” Flora said.
“Well, we came in to Gardenia, so we are in Gardenia, but I wasn’t sure exactly where, because I had never been this side of town. Thankfully, I ran into Coco!”
“Coco?!” Roxy asked. “Tara’s dog?”
“Who’s that?” Stella asked.
“Tara was one of my good friends in school! Coco was  her ah-dorable black and white puppy! Coco is the same breed as Artu, and they are good friends!”
“Correct,” Artu said. “Anyways, so I asked Coco where we were, and she said we were in the Dahlia district.”
“The Dahlia district?” Bloom said. “The most mysterious place in town?”
“Correct again!” Artu said. “Coco asked me why, and I explained. She decided she would come with me, because Tara was leaving town tonight, and she was anyway supposed to stay with me.”
“So where is Coco?” Roxy asked.
“Right here!” said Artu, moving aside. Out of the darkness came a black and white dog, of around 8 months old.
“I am Coco,” she said in a feminine voice. “I will help you!”
“Nice to meet you Coco,” Bloom said.
“You are in the basement level of house #25 in Dahlia district. This house belongs to someone under the name of Icy.”
“Of course!” Layla exclaimed.
“There are other people here!” Coco said. “People under the names of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, Mariam, Oritel, Saladin, Contotorda, Griffin and Faragonda.”
“So the Trix were right!” Stella said. “All the guardians of Magix are here. We have GOT to break out.”
“I’m afraid that’s not going to be easy at all,” said Coco.