Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Roxy's Dreams, Chapter 2, by believixMusa

              Roxy's Dreams                
                                       Chapter 2:The Ancestral Witches
"Wake up Roxy............WAKE UP!"said Roxy's dad,Klaus."What!?Oh..sorry dad....I just had the worst dream,In my drea-"said Roxy without finishing."Roxy you can tell me later.Just because you have magic and all that doesn't mean you shouldn't go to work!"said Klaus.Before Roxy could say another word,Her mother Morgana walked in her room." a little more gentle to our Roxy.Lets let her finish her story about her dream."said Morgana."Fine"said Klaus in a childish tone."Thanks mom.Ok as I was saying....In my dream I was in a place that was all dark and creepy,then I heard some voices that sounded evil the-"said Roxy without finishing again."Wait..Roxy what do you mean 'evil',did the voices say something evil or did something evil?"said Morgana."Umm.....well they said that they destroyed Sparx.Wait....isn't Bloom from Sparx?"said Roxy."Hmmm....We should go to Bloom to see if she might know anything.Oh and I think Klaus will cover for you while you get a day off from work."said Morgana who started to giggle.
In the Love & Pet Shop
"Roxy?Morgana?"said Bloom."Bloom!!!Who destroyed your planet??!!!"asked Roxy."Um........The Ancestral Witches...."said Bloom who probably didnt want to answer that question."The ancestral witches are the most evilest beings in Magix.There also very powerful..."said Bloom."Oh no.....Roxy what else was in your dream?"said Morgana.Morgana and Bloom was looking for Roxy who had gone somewhere...but where?"No......I think the ancestral witches have Roxy!!!!!"said Bloom.Bloom called the winx to help her find Roxy.It was up to Bloom,Morgana,Musa,Tecna,Stella,Layla and Flora to find Roxy.


  1. This is really good! Write more please!

  2. WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!