Hi there, I'm Topaz.  I was born on October 25, and my fairy sign is Dryad.  I was born in Diamante, but I've lived most of my life on Melody - it's where I learned my love of dance!  I live with my mother, Catalina, and my father, Vincent.  Oh, and my magical pet mouse, Jade!

My best friends are Alyra and Snow and I'd do anything to keep them safe!  My bonded pixie is Chanteuse - and between her beautiful singing and my dancing, we can really put on a show!

Curiosities -

Favourite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Hobby: Dancing
Favourite Pet: My mouse, Jade
Idea Boyfriend: Seriously?  Too busy!
Best Friends: Alyra and Snow
Favourite Movies: Musicals
I love: Dancing, shopping with Alyra
I hate: Being bored, silence
Favourite Music: Anything I can dance to!
Favourite Shoes: Ballet Flats
Favourite Subject: Gymnastics
Favourite Spell: Diamond rain


By Alicia 

Name: Sienna
Realm: Alirsha (Enchanted Dimension)
Boyfriend: Stefan, Roxy's son
Family: Her Father's name is Thomas and her mother's name is Sylvie. She has no brother or sister
Hobby: Swimming in the sea!
Personnalité: Nice, polite, generous, not very courageous
Powers: She's the Fairy of Light, the purest light, the Life's Light
Favorite color: Blue
Best friend: Irissa, Roxy's daughter et Stefan's sister
Pixie Pet: A tropical fish called Dipsy and offered by Roxy

History: Sienna lives in Gardenia in 2030. Lot of people on Earth have some magical powers but not her. Her parents hate magic. One day, a monster attack her family and Bloom save her life but Sienna's parents are petrified. Sienna will go to Alfea to be protected by the Winx. But with her new friends (Tecna's daughter, Roxy's daughter, Melodia, princess of Melody and Lila, who come from Gardenia too) she will discover an other, a new dimension, which live under the control of a demoniac emperor. They will help the people of this dimension and Sienna will discover her true origins in this dimension, helped by the Sienna from future. In the Enchanted Dimension, each kingdom is really special and the first, Mervonia, has a lot of characteristic that we can find in the Disney's fairies tales.


Layla n Amentia

Her name is Mandy, she's 16 and the last heir of Poseidia. Poseidia is the planet that used to house the Water Stars, before they came to the Golden Kingdom. Poseidia got destroyed four years before Mandywas born, and they fled to Earth in search of a non-magical life with no worries. Mandy is good-natured, pleasant, and fun. Her bad qualities are that she sometimes thinks too much, blurts things out, and sometimes makes people feel bad without knowing it. She's also stubborn and loves the sea. She is a half mermaid-half fairy hybrid, and she joins Alfea. She has a sister named Sara who is to help Mandy rule a whole world! Her best friends are Roxy and Amentia, and her friends from Earth; Haleigh, Sam, Brianna, Kayleen, Kellen, Hannah, Emily, and Shelby. She has earned her Winx, which isn't very reavealing compared to the rest of the Winx. 


By Lena/TwilightFairy

Name: Aurora de Luna (Aurora means morninglight)
Age: 1th of November, 17
Realm: Mortone
Powers: Mind Control (this contains mind reading and this stuff...)
Pixie/Pixie Pet: Lietta Pixie of colours, Aurora hates Pixie Pets XD
Boyfriend: Aurora has a crush on her best (human) friend Jacy (Jacy means moon), but she's afraid that he won't accept her vampire beeing. (she didn't tell him yet)
Family: Mother - Kagami (Kagami means mirror), Father - Lacus, Grandmother - Nana (her real name is unknown)
Likes/Strength: Blood (muhahaha XD), good Lovestories, daydreams     she always says what she's thinking, really smart
Hobbies: writing poems, singing, watching the moon
Aurora's mother was a vampire and fell in love with a normal wizard. They kept a secret realationship, but they did a big mistake. The vampire got pregnant. Now Aurora, half fairy - half vampire, is 17 years old and she tries to get rid of her "vampire side". She has time until her 18th birthday. Until that day she won't age anymore and it's impossible to turn into a full fairy.
Everytime Aurora (nickname Rory) transform herself into her Fairy-Form her blood lust appears. Normaly she survies by eating human food.
Aurora is still in her normal fairy form. With every new form her vampire self will grew stronger and stronger.



Name: Angie
Power: Animals
Origin: Alisena
Favorite Colors: Indigo and Hot Pink
Favorite Food: Pizza and Chocolate!
Favorite animals: Dogs and Reptiles
Best Friends: Lapillus; Fairy of Stones and Gems; Stella; Fairy of the Sun and Moon; and Johnathon
Boyfriend: Johnathon
Parents: James and Marie
Enemy: Sliva, the Witch of metals (particularly silver)
Bonded Pixie: Fabrica; Pixie of Art
Pets: Spaz the Pixie Pet Iguana and Emmie the Flat-Coated-Retriever
Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, Skateboarding, Hanging out with Friends, Playing with her Pets, Anything to do with animals!
Personality: Very Creative, Animal-Loving, Shy, Affectionate, Fashionable
Fashion Style: Skater-style with a girly flair to it.  Loves T-shirts with animals on them
Story: Angie was born on the planet, Alisena where animals and humans live together in harmony.  On Alisena, fairies were virtually unknown - until her mother Marie - who was from the realm of Jewlaria traveled to Alisena on a mission to find a lost Gem.  There, she met and fell in love with the non-magic, James.   Together they found the Gem, a little baby with curly brown hair and big blue eyes.  The baby belonged to Roxanne, the Queen of Jewlaria - who was very ill at the time. Marie returned with James to Jewlaria only to find Roxanne near death.  Queen Roxanne (being Marie's foster mother) gave Marie and James (who had become engaged during their journey) her blessing and asked them to keep her Gem.  Before she died, Roxanne named her Lapillus - meaning Precious Stone. After becoming married, James and Marie had Angie.  Lapillus, being two years old at the time loved having a little sister! The two grew up together literally becoming sisters as well as best friends.  Together, they discovered one another's powers, first Lapillus' power of gems and stones.  Later, Angie developed a deep love for the animals around her.  That was when her parents knew, combining Marie's magic and James'  love for animals combined into the unique power of animals. Once Lapillus turned sixteen, she left for Alfea, leaving Angie (fourteen) behind, heart-broken.  After her sister (and best friend) left; her parents bought her a dog - whom she named Emmie.  She went on many adventures with her new pet and was delighted when her sister came home for vacations and told her stories of her exctinging year at Alfea. Angie became determined to go to Alfea herself when she became sixteen; and that is what she did.  There, she met and joined the Winx Club, becoming very close withe all of them; especially Stella.  Later, she met and became very good friends with Johnathon, a specialist from Red Fountain; as well as making enemies with Silva, a witch from Cloud Tower.  She later became bonded with the pixe Fabrica; pixie of Art - who brought the creative flair out in Angie. With the Winx Club, she earned all of her transformations, Winx, Charmix and Enchantix and later, Believix (and the other wings), Lovix and Sophiex.